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Everything is Political - Fortitude

by Therapy Sessions Recordings



Everything is Political - Fortitude

As we are in our 3rd week of lockdown here in the UK firstly let me say Ii hope everyone is staying safe and sane. Understandably these are crazy, unsure times and we are all in slightly fragile emotional states. Lately, I've been feeling angry. For anyone who knows me, what's new right? Angry at our leaders and media. Angry at the bootlicking fuckers trying to pretend "they're doing all they can" and "no one could have predicted this"...

There appears to be as much of an effort at mass gaslighting as there is actually fighting the virus. I'm sick of hearing things like "this is not the time to discuss politics" or "stop making this political"...

I just want to get this out there and I hope people listen:


Do not assume that politics is confined to the room full of braying posh tw*ts you see in parliament. It is not the incompetent morons you see spouting the same old script day in and day out on tv news. It is everything around us. The more you pay attention and attempt to understand the more you see the man behind the curtain they tell you to pay no attention to. Choosing to be a political ostrich is fine, you do you boo, but at some point please realise that whilst you're ignoring it, politics are shaping your entire life. The quality of your schools, jobs, healthcare, roads, prospects, housing and communities are all part of it.

There's an old proverb I LOVE to use (and probably overuse but it does cover a lot haha)

'If a man walks into the sea his clothes will become wet. It does not matter if the man believes in water or not.'

Whether you understand or care about it, politics are fucking you. Hard. The incumbent governments are currently playing politics with our lives. We are at the mercy of poor decisions made by nepotistic munts and sociopaths who'd struggle to be hired in basic jobs but because of a life built on inherited wealth, privilege, greed and exploitation have managed to get very far with no effort or skill. Incompetence is abundant.

So anyway. It is times like these that art has a very real job to do. True art holds a mirror up to society. True art is political. A lot of the best music I've ever heard comes from a place of anger and has something to say. From folk and protest music in the 60s through new wave and punk in the 70s and 80s and straight into hip hop and alternative rock in the 90s. Music with a message has always resonated hugely with me. It has something to say and deserves to be heard.

Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, The Clash, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Dead Kennedys, Public Enemy, Pearl Jam, Paris, Sex Pistols, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Neil Young, Crass, Anti Flag, System of A Down, Eminem, Sam Cooke, Simply Red, Tricky, Living Colour, Green Day, Manic Street Preachers, NWA, Minor Threat, Black Sabbath, NoFX, Nina Simone, Massive Attack, Billie Holiday, The Smiths, Megadeath, Pink Floyd, Tracy Chapman, Black Flag, Immortal Technique, Rage Against the Machine, Dead Prez, Akala...Skunk Anansie...

So in that vein, I have taken elements from a track that has been one of my anthems since my teens and attempted an homage. It's angry. As we all are totally justified in being right now. Get angry, demand answers, stay strong...

Some of you may have heard this played out once or twice and I've had a few people asking about it. The idea was to include it on an EP I'm working on for Therapy Sessions but it just feels like now is the right time for this to come out. Schedule be damned! I also feel that the least I can do is make it a free download. We're all struggling. Money means nothing right now. This is about the message. If this 5 minutes of shouty noise can bring 5 minutes of respite to your day that is all I wish for. Play it loud. Play it so your neighbors can hear. I know a lot of you are doing mixes and live streams during this lockdown so please, please add this to your sets (if it's suitable for your vibe as a DJ obviously). It's not about self promotion, it's about the message. Let's bring political messages back. I like to think my music has always had a message. From samples used to track names etc. Some people do not like to mix politics with their music (often completely missing the fact that whether they understand it or not, a lot of music they like is political. See list above) and if this rant has somehow put you off even listening to this then I bid you good day. Enjoy your ostrich life. For the people who dare to care... This is for you.

Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Thank you.
Fortitude & the Therapy Family



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